10 december 2011

Get it done!

Fem minuter. Alla måste lyssna. Halva jordens befolkning håller tal i Durban.

"You've been negotiating all my life."

"In the long run, this will be seen as the defining moments of an era in which narrow self interest prevailed over science, reason and common compassion."

"There is real ambition in this room, but it’s been dismissed as radical, deemed not politically possible. What’s radical is to completely alter the planet’s climate, to betray the future of my generation, and to condemn millions to death by climate change. What’s radical is to write off the fact that change is within our reach."

"Get it done!"

Och vi väntar fortfarande på resultatet från Durban. Jag fattar inte riktigt. Vill de att vi ska börja göra något åt klimatet först 2020? Jag måste ha fattat fel, va?

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